1. For the discerning and health conscious consumer like you, kavler presents a range of the latest state of the art technology integrated steam generators. The process of water separation, where in the water never comes in contact with the heating elements ensures the long life of the steam generator, along with being a success in any kind of water, regardless of the hardness of water.

2. The new technology also increases the steam efficiency by 20 ~ 30 % and at the same time reduces the power consumption by 8 ~ 10% as compare to the steam generator that are available in the market.

3. In addition to the conventional mechanical pressure relief valve, and electronic pressure problem device has been installed in the machine to ensure safety of the highest standard.

4. The automatic drain valve instead of a solenoid valve ensures that the steam generator is thoroughly drained off after every use, thus guaranteeing you a healthy and rejuvenation experience.

5. The slimness of the unit ( 10 cm ) makes it very easy to install and is also an effective space-saving proposition.

6. The unit has been designed in such a way that the internal pressure is brought down from 0.004 <P4 to 0.001 MPA. These decreases the amount of steam lost due to condensation in the pipe, thus increasing the performance of the unit and reducing power consumption.




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